Staf Verbeeck

Masterclass Mixing @ Nice Recording studio - 2 days

Staf will be sharing his experience in a two-day mixing masterclass at Nice Recording Studio. Join us for two days of in-depth analysis of Staf’s workflow in a great studio with like-minded people, tasty food and a good time!

  • Dates: May 3&4

  • Time: 10-17h (aperitif time after)

  • Location: Nice Recording Studio, Antwerp

  • Food: lunch, snacks & drinks (we aim for local, organic and possibly homemade)

  • Max: 10 participants*

  • Price: €400 ex VAT (21%) for 2 days

* This masterclass is aimed at sound engineers with previous mixing experience.

Day 1

Staf will show you both the technical and creative aspects of his mixing process through a detailed analysis and explanation of his workflow with a special focus on hybrid setup and 2-bus processing.

Day 2

You will be able to experience up close how Staf mixes a song. Vocal treatment and how to highlight inspiring sounds will be key elements of the day. The mix and its processing will be made available to the participants.

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