Stiff Studio has created a mixing studio, especially for Staf, with his favourite outboard gear at hand. The mighty EMT 140 plate reverb is present on nearly every mix. If you love that vintage sound, mixes can be printed onto analogue tape on the Ampex ATR100 tape recorder.

Get the best out of those recordings and take them to the next level. Let us translate your ideas into a great mix and create space, intimacy, grit and density where needed.

You can listen in from anywhere via streaming, chat and filesharing.


Mixing: Portland, Donnerwetter, Pavlove, Felix Pallas, Fiona Brown, Mountain Bike, Tom Dice, Hooverphonic, Anton Walgrave, Vuurwerk, Bristol Blonde, Iwein Segers, Pieter Embrechts, Melanie De Biasio, Rosenberg Trio, Mount Olympus (Jan Fabre), Bazart, Sebastopol. Luc Van Acker, Reymer, Stef Bos, Los Callejeros, Tom Helsen, Rooftop Renegades, Bed Rugs, Fixkes, BRNS, Shakara United, Polaroid Fiction, Sunday Sun, Drums Are For Parades, The Golden Glows, Postman, The New Radio Kings, Arbeid Adelt, Jim Cole, JFJ, Turalura, Yasmine, Selah Sue, Steve Wynn, Cyrz, Dirk Blanchart, Members Of Marvelas, Echo Beatty, Thé Lau, La Fille d'Ernest, Mojak, Roland Van Campenhout, Tucker Zimmerman, Nono Newton, Satellite City, Absynthe Minded, Gorki, Spencer The Rover, Jasper Steverlinck, Arid, Automatic Buffalo, PJDS, Sioen, Red Harmony, Salvatore Adamo, Eden, Aiming Dishes, The Romans, Jaune Toujours, Zakformaat XL, Neeka, Riguelle & Hautekiet, The Beautiful Babies, ......