Exploring sound has kept me busy for most of my life. One of the great things about my job is that it never ends. I keep learning and discovering new sounds and techniques. During my years as an engineer I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing artists who have helped me develop my personal view on sound and performance. These are a few things that characterize my work as a sound engineer:


During the production process I love experimenting with sounds. Together we will find that special thing that makes your music stand out of the crowd. Every artist or band is unique and I will make every effort to contain that uniqueness and bring out the best in your music.


When recording, we both want it to sound great but also to capture the best performance. We will work on this together to make sure that an inspiring sound fuels your best performance. Listeners don’t have the visuals nor the vibe that comes with attending a concert. All the more reason to make sure your album keeps your listeners interested.


Mixing is a process where creative decisions are made. Sometimes a tiny detail can turn out to be the hook of the song. I like adding contrast to keep the listeners attention. Though balance of frequency is very important, I find that balance of energy is more important.