As a producer, Staf places the main focus on sound and performance. He will also look at song structure and impact. Experiment until everything feels absolutely right.

Creating the right atmosphere while recording in the studio is vital. Let us help you design the right sound that suits your songs and choose the right place to record and finalize them.


Production: Donnerwetter, Fiona Brown - Demons, Mojak - Arcades, Metal Molly - Surgery For Zebra, Gorki - Vooruitgang, All Things Automatic - We Are DJ's, Satellite City - Satellite City, Eden - Hotel, Red Harmony - Red Harmony, Jaune Toujours - Brusk, Aiming Dishes - The Vertical Devine, The Romans - El Diablo, Neeka - Neeka, Red Zebra - Mimicry,  L Santo - Me & The Morning, The Beautiful Babies - The Return Of Telly Savalas, Tribe - Temper, ...